RAM-A-DAM              LUCKY [P/D LP/YU ]  UK 1976
Second UK issue this time with a complete cover. Picture on the back cover is taken from the micron issue. This pressing is as rare as the pre-release on Lucky, same mix, same tracklist.
Two different labels can be found.
RAM-A-DAM              LUCKY [P/D LP/YU ]  UK 1976
Rare UK pre-release on Dennis Harris Lucky label, issued without sleeve, with a paper sheet as cover in early 76. Different tracklist than the Micron issue : "Love thy Neighbour" does not appear on that pressing, but has the title " Beyond the Hills" by Cleopatra Williams, originally issued as a single on Hot City label. Lucky issue have different mix than the JA Micron issue.
(e.g : no horns overdubs on title Regular Rock)
CONQUERING LION   MICRON [DSR 3153 A / 3158 B Gussie Exposure ]  JAM probably 1977
Second JA issue, monochromic Micron label. Certainly an issue destinated to export, with the "Gussie Exposure" mention on the matrix, and with "Keith's Records Store" adress at Brooklin, NY on the label. Same cover than first issue.
Ja issue on Yabby's own Prophet Records label. Has the original Micron matrix number. With typographic errors on sleeve (Jackon instead of Jackson). Has been reissued a couple of years later, with the micron matrix number on one side, and with a VJ matrix on the other side. Has as well been reissued in the 80's with the Micron original cover.
Lucky Tracklist
-jah love
-dem a wolf (anti christ)
-rally round jahovah (run come rally)
-carnal mind
-jah vengeance
-beyond the hills
-conquering lion
-regular rock (love of jah)
-work without pay (man who does ...)
-covetiousness (covetious man)
Micron Tracklist
-run come rally
-jah vengeance
-conquering lion
-covetious man
-anti christ
-carnal mind
-jah love
-love thy neighbour
-love of jah
-the man who does the work
CONQUERING LION              MICRON [MIC-P-2680 ]  JAM 1975
Original first JA issue, beautiful multicolored Micron label.
Presenting Vivian « Yabby You » Jackson’s album : Conquering Lion.
This is his first opus, issued originally in 1975.
 It is considered as one of top ten foundation roots albums of all the time. The Conquering Lion album is regarded as being at the origin of the Reggae Roots style,
giving a new spiritual and musical dimension to the jamaican music.
Please note : no mention about the latest reissues or any CD material. As well this discography describes only the vocal album and not the dub issues. enjoy...














































Some singles taken from the album (only a few presented here)
...special thanks to didiwah and alex for appreciable help...
Jah speak with
lightning & thunder
by Yabby You &
Sons of Jah
original single,
credited as Run Come Rally on the album,
prod by Tony Robinson, 1975
Love of Jahovah
by The Prophet
rare single on the UMR label, prod by Herbie Carter in 1973.
Different mix,
no overdubs at all 
(horns or percussions)
Love Thy Neighbour by V.Jackson & The Defenders
prod by Family Man Barrett, 1972
backed by Rebel Arms
aka Wailers
Conquering Lion
by V.Jackson
& The Prophets
miscredited as Love of Jah also issued
on Now Label
both issues late 1972
RAM-A-DAM               RAMA [PDLPYU ]  UK 1978
Latest UK issue on Dennis Harris Rama label. Same mix and matrix number than the Lucky pressing.