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Closing Date will be Thursday 22nd March 2018 at 20h00 GMT.

We apply the 10% rule which allows you to win a record under the maximum offer :

if you are making a 150 euros offer on a record and that the offer below yours is of 100 euros, you will win the record for 100 euros + 10 % (10 euros),

so 110 euros instead of 150 euros, your maximum offer…. In case of two equal bids, the earliest offer sent will win the record…

24 hours before closing date, we will show on the auction page the current leading bids for each record (and not the highest offers) …

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 -N° 1-  

Carl Brown – Let Them Go / Version

Brain Buster  (DSR 8512)   JAM    1979   VG+ to EX-   

Produced by N Lyn,

rare alternative version of Freedom Of Movements

by Highlights Sons of Jah issued on US April...

tuff tune backed by same players as on the April recordings,

but with a more JA mix...

starting price 25 euros


 -N° 2-  

Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus – Numbered Days / Version

I & I & I Imes on the Zion Disco Label (DSR 3064 ER)   JAM   1976   VG+ to EX-    
Produced by Ras Michael,

deepest nyah roots with very hard version,

using slave driver ridim and lyrics.... Original issue..

starting price 25 euros


 -N° 3-  

Tinga Stewart   Why Can't We Live Together / Version  

Virgonian (DSR 4653)  JAM   1977   VG+ to EX-   

Produced by Ronnie Virgo, 

wicked soul cover of Timmy Thomas,

terrible backing by Revolutionaries, and massive horns section...

this title became famous with the SADE cover of 1984...

starting price 25 euros





 -N° 4-  

Natural Roots – Know Yourself + Extended Play /  Ain't Got No Money + Extended Play

Fasim Records (FS 106)   UK   1982    cov : EX- / rec : EX

Produced by CF Samson,

deep deep horny UK Roots from the early 80's,

original issue with picture sleeve...

starting price 25 euros





 -N° 5-  

Gregory Isaacs - Dub In The Slum Cash & Carry (Cash & Carry 1992)  

JAM 1978  cov : No Cover / rec : EX-

Produced by Gregory Isaacs,

monster Dub album using the biggest Gregory Isaacs tunes in Dub...

Scarce Original JA print on Cash & Carry without original sleeve as issued...

Also pressed in the UK as Slum in Dub...

listen here   play the album

starting price 25 euros



 -N° 5-  

Cultural Roots Dub Germain (DG 0051)  

JAM  1982  cov : VG+ / rec : EX-

Produced by Donovan Germain,

Dub versions of the two albums released by Cultural Roots for producer Donovan Germain,

Recolutionaty Sounds and Drift Away from Evil... Original issue...

listen here   play the album

starting price 25 euros


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