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Closing Date will be Friday 9th December 2022 at 20h00 GMT.

We apply the 10% rule which allows you to win a record under the maximum offer :

if you are making a 150 euros offer on a record and that the offer below yours is of 100 euros, you will win the record for 100 euros + 10 % (10 euros),

so 110 euros instead of 150 euros, your maximum offer…. In case of two equal bids, the earliest offer sent will win the record…

24 hours before closing date, we will show on the auction page the current leading bids for each record (and not the highest offers) …

Send your offers by email. This is a serious auction, bid with confidence.   





 -N° 1-  

Johnny Osbourne – Put Away Your Gun / Version

Torpedo  (TOR 37)  UK   1975   EX-

Produced by Pisces, 

deep mid 70's roots using Dennis Brown's Change Your Style ridim...

serious lyrics and big version on B side...

starting price 25 euros



 -N° 2-  

Strugglers – Never Give You Up / Version

1st Choice  (DSR 2099)  JAM  1981  VG / VG.VG+   

Produced by Strugglers,

wicked early 80's vocal killer,

rare single, unfortunately with some needle marks...deep tune !!

starting price 25 euros




 -N° 3-  

Triston Palmer – Caly Man + Extended Play / Ungrateful Girl + Extended Play

Orbit  (ORB 801)   UK  1981    EX  

Produced by Phillip Morgan,

two big sides, with hard dub version...

starting price 25 euros





 -N° 4-  

Various Artists Dynamic Rockers - Dynamic (DYLP 3009)  

UK  1977    cov : EX- / rec : EX-  

Produced by Dynamic Sounds,

terrible compilation, featuring rare roots stuff from Dynamic,

like this crazy version of Babylonians by Officials,

different than the single cut on Jaguar, because you can hear the harmonies

of the second singer on this version, which do not appear on any other version !!!

also with a killer recut of Johnny Osbourne's Nyah Man,

called Leaving Babylon by Hopeton Lewis...

listen here   play the album

starting price 25 euros


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