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Closing Date will be Friday 1st March 2024 at 20h00 GMT.

We apply the 10% rule which allows you to win a record under the maximum offer :

if you are making a 150 euros offer on a record and that the offer below yours is of 100 euros, you will win the record for 100 euros + 10 % (10 euros),

so 110 euros instead of 150 euros, your maximum offer…. In case of two equal bids, the earliest offer sent will win the record…

24 hours before closing date, we will show on the auction page the current leading bids for each record (and not the highest offers) …

Send your offers by email. This is a serious auction, bid with confidence.



-N° 1-

Bunny ClarkeBe Thankful / Version

Dip (DL 5064) UK 1974 VG+ to EX-

Produced by Lee Perry,

deep deep roots monster recorded and mixed at Black Ark Studio…

Bunny Clarke aka Bunny Scott aka Bunny Rugs who later joined Third World Band as lead vocalist…

strong UK pressing, rare as hell ! Never miss those records because you won’t see them again;)

starting price : 25 euros

-N° 2-

Charlo (C.Barrett)Locks Lion / Version

Rockers (AP 5195) JAM 1975 VG

Produced by Augustus Pablo,

very rare Pablo production recorded at Black Ark Studio…

probably Carlton Barrett under the name of Charlo...

usually issued on pablo international, here is a kind a pre-release on Rockers, never seen before like that...

starting price : 25 euros


-N° 3-

Donna CorbettNo More Bang Bang / Version

World Sound (SW 8901) CAN 198 ? EX

Produced by Donna Corbett & Clive Saunders,

rare and obscure female killer from Canada...

starting price : 25 euros


-N° 4-

Alton EllisI’ll Be Waiting + Extended Play /

SilvertonesTrue Confession + Extended Play

Mummy (DSR 4908 / WR 2441) JAM 1977 EX-

Produced by Winston Riley,

great 12’’ extended edition of this 1970 killer for Techniques...

starting price : 25 euros


-N° 5-

Alton Ellis - Many Moods Of Tele-Tech (TT LP 001 80)

USA 1980 cov : EX- / rec : EX-

Produced by Earl Morgan,

fantastic vocal LP, mixed by Lee Perry, Jammy & Scientist...the first title has a slight mark that plays with a 1 minute click…

Top 10 roots killer album, with harmonies of Heptones and Johnny Clarke...

listen here play the album

starting price : 25 euros

-N° 6-

Lee Perry Roast Fish Collie Weed & Corn BreadLion Of Judah (LPIR 0000)

JAM 1978 cov : VG- / rec : VG+ (see description)

Produced by Lee Perry,

original first edition, with the red and black lettering on front…

the album plays between VG, VG+ depending on which titles… please listen carefully to the file...

But no skips or major pops, dynamic and quality pressing with crackles and a few clicks, especially on the 3 last titles of side 2.

listen here play the album

starting price : 25 euros

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