Last Updated : 19/06/2024

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Week Updates

Monday to Friday

No Updates on Week-end

CONDITION GRADING SYSTEM (please read carefully)

NM (near mint) = unplayed, perfect

EX+ = as new, beautiful condition

EX = if any, very light surface noises

EX- = slight surface noises or minor crackles

VG+ to EX- = average grading for a used record,

slight crackles and surface marks especially at start, playing not affected

VG+ = record has crackles or surface noise, but plays ok, no major sound deterioration

VG.VG+ = surface marks, regular crackles especially at start or between the songs,

But plays better during the track – used second hand shape

VG = mediocre condition, very noisy vinyl, regular crackles and many surface marks

VG- = vinyl seriously damaged, heavy crackles, pops and clicks

(s)warp = slight warp

(s)ld = (slight) label damaged

(s)wol = (small)writing on label

(s)woc = (small)writing on cover

sol = sticker on label

sos = sticker