Today : 01/04/2020



Due to major restrictions in France and Worldwide, regarding Covid-19 crisis,

most of the post offices are closed ...

Though, we are now able to ship small packages like singles format to most of the countries...

I will continue to update the site and add records, feel free to reserve them if you wish...


For people who have to stay at home, Graal Records will contribute,

and pay a daily tune for you here :


Good luck to everyone, stay safe and healthy !!




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Week Updates

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday : Singles (Roots & Oldies)

Thursday : 12" Disco 45's Or Albums

No Updates from Friday to Sunday


CONDITION GRADING SYSTEM  (please read carefully)

NM (near mint) = unplayed, perfect
EX+ = as new, beautiful condition
EX = if any, very light surface noises
EX- = slight surface noises or minor crackles
VG+ to EX- = average grading for a used record,
slight crackles and surface marks especially at start, playing not affected
VG+ = record has crackles or surface noise, but plays ok, no major sound deterioration
VG.VG+ = surface marks, regular crackles especially at start or between the songs,
But plays better during the track used second hand shape
VG = mediocre condition, very noisy vinyl, regular crackles and many surface marks
VG- = vinyl seriously damaged, heavy crackles, pops and clicks
(s)warp = slight warp
(s)ld = (slight) label damaged
(s)wol = (small)writing on label
(s)woc = (small)writing on cover
sol = sticker on label
sos = sticker on sleeve