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Ethiopians - Slave Call Third World  (TWS 15)  

UK  1978   cov : EX- / rec : EX   price : 30 euros

Produced by Niney,

classic nyah/roots album by Leonard Dillon & Ethiopians,

strong roots, original UK print with laminated sleeve...

New in !!

listen here   play the album

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Earl 16 Julia - Tamoki Wambesi (TWDV 1003)

UK  1980  cov : VG+ / rec : EX     price : 22 euros    

Produced by Roy Cousins,

ok the cover is horrible, but the sound is heavy !!!

Strong ridims used by Royals and Knowledge...

listen here  play the album

Twinkle Brothers - Rasta Pon Top Grounation  (GROL 506)  

UK  1975   cov : VG+ / rec : EX-   price : 40 euros

Produced by Norman Grant,

their first album, legendary opus on Grounation....

listen here   play the album

Augustus Pablo Eastman Dub - Greensleeves (GREL 109)

UK  1988  cov : EX- / rec : EX     price : 20 euros

Produced by Horace Swaby, Dub album of the Tetrack Let's Get Started LP,

Heavy ridims backed by Rockers All Stars...

listen here  play the album

Toure Kunda E'mma Africa - Celluloid (CEL 2-6549)

FR  1980  cov : EX- / rec : EX     price : 10 euros

Produced by Barracuda, first album of this duet from Africa,

finest african reggae album, original print...

listen here  play the album



The Heptones Move On + Extended Play / Version

Ledoux Records (ASL 7008)   FR  1980     EX     price :   30 euros   

Produced by Niney Observer, serious roots by Heptones,

lead vocals by Barry Llewelyn, hamronies by Naggo Morris & Earl Morgan,

recorded at Channel One, nice issue with sleeve...

Pablo Gad What Makes A Natty Dread Cry + Extended Play / Throw Your Dreams + Extended Play

Burning Sounds  (BSD 015)   UK    1978    EX    price :   15 euros   

Produced by Pablo gad,

back to back UK Roots killer with long extended plays on both sides, orig red wax issue...

Tony Tuff Ease Up Oppressor + Extended Play /  Jah Thomas Answer The Telephone

Niagara (NIA DD 101)   UK  1979     EX     price :  8 euros   

Produced by Ansell Collins, classic...


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