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Fred Locks - Black Star Liner Vuclan  (VULA 502)  

UK  1976   cov : EX- / rec : EX   price : 30 euros

Produced by Jahlovemuzik,

classic under classics, original UK print with inner sheet with lyrics and nice picture...

listen here   play the album

New in !!


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Burning Spear - Marcus Children Burning Spear  (DSR 6672)  

JAM  1978   cov : VG+ / rec : EX-   price : 22 euros

Produced by Winston Rodney,

original JA issue to social living album... roots foundation album...

listen here   play the album

Earl 16 Julia - Tamoki Wambesi (TWDV 1003)

UK  1980  cov : VG+ / rec : EX     price : 15 euros    

Produced by Roy Cousins,

ok the cover is horrible, but the sound is heavy !!!

Strong ridims used by Royals and Knowledge...

listen here  play the album

Twinkle Brothers - Rasta Pon Top Grounation  (GROL 506)  

UK  1975   cov : VG+ / rec : EX-   price : 32 euros

Produced by Norman Grant,

their first album, legendary opus on Grounation....

listen here   play the album

Augustus Pablo Eastman Dub - Greensleeves (GREL 109)

UK  1988  cov : EX- / rec : EX     price : 15 euros

Produced by Horace Swaby, Dub album of the Tetrack Let's Get Started LP,

Heavy ridims backed by Rockers All Stars...

listen here  play the album

Toure Kunda E'mma Africa - Celluloid (CEL 2-6549)

FR  1980  cov : EX- / rec : EX     price : 3 euros

Produced by Barracuda, first album of this duet from Africa,

finest african reggae album, original print...

listen here  play the album



Riot Squad Enemies + Extended Play / Cheater + Extended Play

Arawak  (ARK DD 007)   UK    1977    EX    price :   7 euros   

Produced by Riot Squad,

back to back UK Roots selection by Matumbi as Riot Squad...

Fine extended dub plays mixed by Dennis Bovell...

Don Carlos Gimme Gimme Your Love + Extended Play / Papa Tullo Gimme Gimme Your Love

Negus Roots  (NERT 004)   UK    1981    EX    price :   15 euros   

Produced by Robert Flacko,

original issue for this classic early 80's killer...


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