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New Records in : 2

Cedric Im Brooks & Light Of Saba Rasta Lead On / Version

Total Sounds  (SM 7733)   JAM    1975   

EX-  price : 75 euros

Produced by Light Of Saba,

deep rasta roots featuring tenor sax of Cedric Im Brooks...

                Lately Added : Roots Rarities...  Next Updates : Dennis Brown Special...

Ainsley Morris   Jah Left The Water Running / Version  

Kool (AM 3312)  JAM   1980   EX-   price :  18 euros

Produced by Ainsley Morris, rare roots by rock steady legend...

New in !!

Fabulous Flames   Back Off Devil / Tell Me Why  

Flame (ND 26)  JAM   1971   EX-   price :  18 euros

Produced by Pete Weston, early 70's soulful rootsy double sider...

New in !!

Joseph Gordon   Open Book / Version

Regiment Force  (LPerry 4471)  JAM   1974  VG   price :  28 euros

Produced by RA Lewis & Lee Perry,

rare early Black Ark mixed by Scratch...

Ronnie Davis   Tradition Song / Version  

Hot Stuff (DSR 0972)  JAM   1976   EX-   price :  18 euros

Produced by Bunny Lee, recut of Spear classic, backed by Aggrovators and heavy Tubby's dub...

David Isaacs   Linger A While / Version  

Hulk (Blackbeard 2049)  JAM   1978   EX-   price :  12 euros

Produced by Black Beard, Aggrovators backing with Jammy's mix at Tuuby's...

Augustus Pablo African Rock / Sounds United  Road Runner

Scorpio  (DSR HCL 7398/7399)  JAM   1973    VG+/VG.VG+   price :  22 euros

Produced by Herman Chin Loy 

back to back istrumentals from Aquarius...

Astley Dixon   Romping In My Room / Version  

Cobra (AD 1942)  JAM   1974   VG+   price :  12 euros

Produced by Astley Dixon, mid 70's tune, with an early black ark style,

rare issue on cobra...

Kebble Drummond & The Cables   Dangerous / Version  

Mod (FKD 8115)  JAM   1972   VG.VG+   price :  10 euros

Produced by Kebble Drummond, rare early 70's by cables...

The Ethiopians  I Need Someone / Channel 5  Ketch This Sound

Rhythm Force  (Dyna MR 4510/MRX 01)  JAM   1971  VG+   price :  20 euros

Produced by Martin Riley,

classic Leonard Dillon vocal, rarely seen on this label with this B side...

The Ethiopians   Better Man / Version  

Ja Disc (FNW 8215)  JAM   1974   EX-   price :  20 euros

Produced by Neville Willoughby, mid 70's rootsy tune...

Jah Woosh   Morwell Rock / Angela Davis  

Blue Bells (MW DSR 8169)  JAM   1973   VG+ to EX- / EX-  price :  20 euros

Produced by Maurice Wellington, scare DJ double sider over morwells ridim...

KC White We Need More Love / Version

Ras Adbra  (RA 900)   USA    1976   EX/EX-   price :  30 euros

Produced by Brad Osbourne & Ossie Hibbert,

strong US roots with heavy stepping version, clean copy & labels....

Viceroys   Chucky / Version  

Pioneer (DSR SC 9055)  JAM   1973   EX-/VG+   price :  12 euros

Produced by Sydney Crooks, rare original JA print on Pioneer...

The Pioneers   Nosey Parker / Version  

Pioneer (SC 4838)  JAM   1974   EX-   price :  15 euros

Produced by Sydney Crooks, pioneers at their vocal best...

Cimarons National Bird / Mother Earth

Polydor (SP 2059)   UK  1978     EX     price :   20 euros   

Produced by Cimarons,

deep alternative dub/dj/vocal version of The Word...

fine coloured wax limited edition...

Roy Shirley   Diamond Ring / Stop Your Fussing & Fighting

Love People (DSR 0558)  JAM   1978   VG+ to EX- / EX-   price :  15 euros

Produced by KC White, rare rootsy production using anywhere but nowhere ridim,

backed by Gladiators Band...

Eric Bubble   Young Generation / Version  

Black Link Int. (DSR 4389)  JAM   1980   EX-   price :  22 euros

Produced by Eric George & Roland Isaacs, 

take five/standing firm cover by this former member from the african brothers...

John Holt   I Have Been Admiring You / Dillinger   Donkey Bine  

Attack (FBL 7577)  JAM   1974   EX-   price :  20 euros

Produced by Bunny Lee, mid 70's rock steady style...


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