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Pablo Moses  We Should Be In Angola / Version

Roots  (R 0002)  USA  1975

EX   price :  15 euros

Produced by Geoffrey Chung & Clive Hunt, 

US issue of this classic mid 70's roots title,

backed by Now Generation band...

New in !!  

Richard Ace  Rock It Down / Version

Myrtle  (M 144)  USA  1974   

EX-   price : 18 euros

Produced by Bob Andy

soulful Bob Andy production,

with very heavy dub version...

New in !!  

Gladiators   Rocka Man Soul / Version

Syndicate  (FLD 3524)  JAM   1971   EX   price :  25 euros

Produced by Lloyd Daley, 

early Gladiators for matador, original issue in great shape...

Third World   Sun Won't Shine / I Ask Myself

Cav Lip  (CP 001)  JAM   1973    EX   price : 18 euros

Produced by Geoffrey Chung, 

deep roots tune by Third World...

their second recording, right after the first one for clancy,

lead here by Prilly, aka Milton Hamilton, the first vocalist,

before Bunny Ruggs joined the band in 1976... rare...

The Crystalites Stop That Man / The Undertaker

Crystal Blank  (DH 1143/1145)  JAM   1970    VG+     price :  20 euros

Produced by Derrick Harriott, 

instru parts over legendary crystal ridim...

Jimmy Dean   We Are One / Version

New Flower  (DSR 319)  JAM   1976   VG+   price : 15 euros 

Produced by Alan Campbell, 

deep roots tune, 80's reissue, clean and shiny wax, but mediocre pressing...

Derrick Harriott Close To Me / What Can I Do (The Wedding)

Crystal  (CRY 1090)  USA   1972    EX- / VG+     price :  6 euros

Produced by Derrick Harriott, 

classic crystal production, originally recorded in 1969...

the B side here is different than the JA orig print...

Errol Dunkley   Can't Love Another / Version

Sufferation  (FED 8062)  JAM   1973    EX- / VG+   price : 18 euros

Produced by Errol Dunkley, 

classic tune also as it's impossible,

original JA issue...

Henley Banton   Jockey Voodoo / Version

Micron (FMM 7424)  JAM   1975   EX-   price : 12 euros

Produced by ED Ricketts, 

recorded but not mixed at Black Ark....

Upsetters Trying To Upset The Upsetter / Blood Poison

Upsetter Blank  (ups 571/TMX+557)  JAM  1970   EX-/VG+    price : 30 euros

Produced by Lee Perry,

original blank print, two nice boss instrumentals...


Dennis Alcapone Well Dread / Version

Upsetter  (Dyna LP 4262)  JAM   1971     EX-   price :  7 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

DJ with trombone cover of cherry oh baby ridim...


Lloyd Parks Mighty Cloud Of Joy / Version

Justice League  (FLP 7679)  JAM   1971     VG+   price :  5 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

classic early 70's perry production...

Hippy Boys   Dr No Go / Baba Brooks  Faberge

High Note  (dyna SEP 431/ S 22)  JAM   1969     VG+ / VG.VG+   price : 15 euros

Produced by Sonia Pottinger, 

classic single from tip top records...

The Royals Promise Land / Every Jamaican Is A Rebel

Dip  (DL 5016)  UK   197 VG+ to EX- / EX-   price :  12 euros

Produced by Roy Cousins, 

great harmonies and big Tubby's version on flip side on an unknown ridim...

Ronnie Davis Forgive Her / Version

Soul Beat  (RD 3037)  JAM   1973  EX-   price :  32 euros

Produced by Ronnie Davis & Enos McLeod, 

great vocal, original issue...

Hugo Brown  Everyone Turn Ranking / Version

Mandingo  (DSR 2259)   JAM   1981  VG.VG+ / VG   price :  10 euros

Produced by Martin Williams, 

DJ lick over rastaman of dignity/dem a fight I ridim...

Diamonds   Jailhouse / Version

Well Charge  (Joe 1954)  JAM   1977    EX   price : 10 euros

Produced by Joe Joe Hoo Kim, 

long lost 70's roots from channel one...

Leroy Smart   Waiting In Vain / Version

Hitbound  (DSR 4077)  JAM   1977    EX-   price : 8 euros

Produced by Joe Joe Hoo Kim, 

classic cover of marley's hit...

Lone Ranger   Photo Finished / Version

GG's  (DSR 7429)  JAM   1978    VG+ / VG+ to EX-  price : 10 euros

Produced by Alvin Ranglin, 

classic dj backed by revolutionaries...

Brigadier Jerry   Home Guard Take Over / Version

Isis  (DSR 9746)  JAM   1981    VG.VG+   price : 7 euros

Produced by E Hall & T Parks,

early 80's Dj shot...

Max   Inner City Blues (Marcus Reid - Poor Man Cry) / Augustus Pablo   Version

LMS  (DSR VR 7233/34)  JAM   1978/1992   EX-   price :  32 euros

Produced by David Madden, 

early reissue from 1992 of this killer tune, originally issued on Soul Fire Records in 1978...

re-credited to Max Edwards, who is maybe the same person as Marcus Reid,

great sound quality using the original stampers...

Micky Simpson   Good Good Loving / Version

Fox  (DSR 2771)  JAM   1982     

EX-   price : 15 euros

Produced by Jack Ruby, 

nice early 80's lovers tune from ocho rios...

The Gaylads   Your Cups / Version

Fox  (MIC 2588)  JAM   1975    VG.VG+   price : 8 euros

Produced by Jack Ruby, 

gaylads lead by thaxter brothers,  after bb seaton left the band...

big version !!

Horace Andy   Get Wise / Version

Sunshot  (PP 5054)  JAM   1976    VG   price : 8 euros

Produced by Phil Pratt, 

slight hiss on both sides... mediocre shape...

Jimmy Cliff   Midnight Rockers / Version

Oneness (DSR 3794)  JAM   1981    EX   price : 5 euros

Produced by J.Cliff,

early 80's self-production...

Garnett Silk   Everything I've Got / Version

Penthouse  (PNS 1483)  JAM   1992    EX / EX-   price : 6 euros

Produced by Donovan Germain, 

90's conscious piece by the late Garnett Silk,

gone is 1994..

Dave & Ansell Collins  Elfrego Bacca / Iron Joe

Techniques Blank  (dyna WR 1255)  JAM   1970     VG+ to EX- / EX-   price : 10 euros

Produced by Winston Riley, 

early 70's original blank print...

Roy Shirley   Dance Of Love / Version

Blank Public (RS 1595)  JAM   1970 VG+ to EX-   price :  8 euros

Produced by Roy Shirley, 

blank print from the boss years, copy from the Soferno B sound system...

The Upsetters   Live Injection / Ernest Wilson & Upsetters   Freedom train

Randy's  (FLP 7943)   USA    1969    VG+ to EX- / EX-   price : 18 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

strong boss sounds double sider...

Sticky & Upsetters I've Caught You / Upsetters  Return Of The Ugly

Upsetter Blank  (LP 567/Upsetter 717)  JAM  1969   VG+    price : 15 euros

Produced by Lee Perry,

original blank print, also issued in the UK on punch...

Bob Marley & The Wailers   Small Axe / All In One

Upsetter Blank  (GPW 12/US 357)  JAM  1971   VG+  price : 20 euros

Produced by Lee Perry,

legendary tune by marley with perry...

Dr.Alimantado  Gimmie Mi Gun / Version

Ital Sounds  (DR AL 3118)  JAM   1976   EX-    price :  30 euros

Produced by Dr Alimantado & Gregory Isaacs, 

wicked DJ lick over Gregory Isaacs Thief A Man...

The Meditations  Standing On The Corner / Version

Channel One  (Joe Joe 1312)  JAM   1978   EX   price :  18 euros

Produced by Joseph Hoo Kim, 

great roots from Channel One...

Big Youth   Streets In Africa / Version

Negusa Nagast (FMB 7703)  JAM   1973    EX-   price :  12 euros

Produced by Big Youth, 

great combination, Dennis Brown & Big Youth...


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