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Tony Tuff   Try A Little Thing / Version

Thrillseekers  (RRS 1128)  JAM   1979

EX- / VG+   price :  5 euros

Produced by S.Synmoie,

late 70's Randys with Revolutionaries backing...

New in !!  


Johnnie Clarke & Dillinger   Commercial Locks / Owen Gray   Cry Me A River of Tears

Justice  (BL 7313)  JAM   1976   VG.VG+    price :  6 euros

Produced by Bunny Lee,

vocal/Dj combination over Move out a Babylon...

Fat Man Ridim Section   Take Five /  Jacob Miller   Silver Bells

Top Ranking Int. (DSR 5100)  JAM   1979  EX   price :  12 euros

Produced by Top Ranking, 

tuff dub mix over Stand Firm/Take Five ridim, featuring Jah Devon on sax, aka Dean Fraser...

Barrington Levy   Revelation / Version

Roots From Yard  (DSR 9019)  JAM   1979   VG.VG+ / VG   price : 10 euros

Produced by L.Dennis, 

the very first Lloyd Dennis production, who directed in the 80's and 90's the famous Pickout label...

Prince Jazzbo   Plum Plum / Rosey Davis & Prince Jazzbo   Crankie Bine

Count 1 2 3 (FPJ 1685)  JAM   1975    EX-   price : 10 euros

Produced by Prince Jazzbo, 

Dj selection using Glen Brown's Michtville Rock ridim...

Junior Delgado   Row Fisherman / Version

Deb Music (DSR 7943)  JAM   1979   EX-   price : 25 euros

Produced by D.Brown & Jr Delgado, 

deadly roots killer, with Pablo strings arrangements

and brilliant Dean Fraser alto saxophone parts...

The Maytones Funny Man / Winston Wright Version Flight

Blank GG's (dyna AR 1142/1140)  JAM   1969  VG+    price :  28 euros

Produced by Alvin Ranglin, 

Maytones vocal beauty with boss instrumental glory on flip side...

Dave Robinson   Pay The Price / Version

Bad Gong Records  (DSR 6493)  JAM   1978 EX / EX-  price : 10 euros

Produced by Mighty Diamonds,

horny roots, serious version recorded at Joe Gibb's...

The Palm Threes Step It Out / Version

Maica  (HT 005)  CAN  1975 EX-  / VG+ to EX-      price :  25 euros

Produced by Brent Dowe, 

wild roots by Junior Ross & The Spear, also credited to Palm Brothers...

Deep dub version from Tubby's...

Jah Baba   Collection Plate / Version

Prophet Records (VJackson 3)  JAM   1977   EX-   price : 22 euros

Produced by Vivian Jackson, 

DJ shot over Judgement Time ridim, with heavy dub mix from Tubby's...

Lionel Ganja Barrett Rasta Cowboy / Version

Chopper  (DSR 6046)  JAM   1983   VG.VG+ / VG    price :  22 euros

Produced by Derek Wright, 

wicked mid 80's early digi vocal...

Leroy Smart   Jah Forgive Them / Version  

Micron (DSR 2886)  JAM   1977    VG+ / VG.VG+   price :  12 euros

Produced by Bunny Lee, 

My conversation cover with Revolutionaries backing...

Jackie Opel More Wood / Done With A Friend

Studio One  (CDodd 11-4/11-1)  JAM   1964   VG    price : 30 euros

Produced by Coxsone Dodd, 

wild ska vocal...

original JA issue with the first Studio One label design...


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