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Sylford Walker  Lambs Bread / Version

South East Music  (lambsbread A/B)  JAM   1979

EX    price :  28 euros

Produced by Glen Brown, 

legendary title, great copy in fine shape...

New in !!  

Roland Burrell   Stormy Night / Version

Hitbound  (DSR 5342)  JAM   1982    

EX-   price : 22 euros

Produced by Joe Joe Hoo Kim, 

great early 80's,

with finest Roots Radics backing...

O'Neil Dyer   Robbery / Version

Hitbound  (DSR 6105)  JAM   1982    

EX- / VG+ to EX-   price : 15 euros

Produced by Joe Joe Hoo Kim, 

the first title of this small artist,

who was when he started more a Michael Prophet imitator,

than a real artist ;)


Al & The Vibrators Water More Than Flour / Gee

Upsetter  (UP VC 144/145)  JAM   1970   VG   price : 15 euros  

Produced by Lee Perry, 

Festival 1970 title, rare artist than mainly recorded during the mid/late 60's....

Tennors   Ride Your Donkey / Cleopatra

Olive Blossom (tennors 3862/3663)  JAM   1968   VG+ / VG   price : 15 euros

Produced by G. Murphy & Prince Buster, 

classic hit from the rocksteady days...

Teddy Magnus   Beautiful Day / Version

Trans Am  (FNH 7343)  JAM   1973   VG   price : 3 euros

Produced by Skill Harvey, 

skanky cover of this UK pop hit from 1972, beautitul sunday...

Jacob Miller   All Night Till Daylight / Version

Arab  (TC 3115)  JAM   1976    VG   price : 3 euros

Produced by Tommy Cowan,

classic Talent production...

Roy Richards Freedom Blues / Version

Coxson  (DSR CS 1113)  JAM   1977   VG+ / VG    price : 3 euros

Produced by Coxsone Dodd, 

originally recorded in 1970, here with a 1977 remixed dub on B side...

Jimmy Cliff   Midnight Rockers / Version

Oneness (DSR 3794)  JAM   1981    EX   price : 2 euros

Produced by J.Cliff,

early 80's self-production...


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