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Makka Bees   Nation Fiddler / Version

Congo  (CO 1)  UK   1977  EX+ / EX   price :  35 euros

Produced by Congo Music, 

deep obscure UK Roots killer,

sound close to early Bullwackies productions,

original issue in perfect shape...

one of these tunes with harmonica,

an instrument that is rarely used in reggae...


Eric Bubble   Younger Generation / Version

Connection  (DSR 4389)  JAM   1980    

EX- / VG+ to EX-   price : 20 euros

Produced by Eric George & Roland Isaacs,

Take Five cover by Eric Bubble aka Derrick Howard,

the third member of the African Brothers...

Big Youth   Chuky No Lucky / Waterhouse Rock

Gibbs (DSR JG 8280)  JAM   1973    VG+   price : 8 euros

Produced by Joel Gibson, 

DJ performance over Rockfort Rock...

Glen Brown   Youth Of Today / Sergeant Crackles

Shalimar Blank (FGB 7602/DSR GB 5006)  JAM   1972    EX- / VG+    price : 25 euros

Produced by Glenmore Brown,

back to back Pantomine selection using Merry Up ridim...

Johnnie Clarke No Body's Business / Version

Roots  (VP 1261)  JAM   1977  EX / EX-   price :  8 euros

Produced by Bunny Lee,

wild jammy's mix at tubby's...

Sonny & Debby   Sweat Suit / Version

Upsetters  (sweat suit)  JAM   1977    VG+ to EX- / VG+    price :  25 euros

Produced by Lee Perry,

tuff Black Arkish reprise of Uptown Top Ranking, featuring Debra Keese...

 Easton Clarke   Jah Say / Version

Chanan Jah  (2015 RRS)  JAM   1977  EX   price :  28 euros

Produced by Phil Pratt,

long lost conscious roots gem, in top notch condition...

Leroy Smart   So Strong / Version  

Roots From Yard (VPR 666 PK)  JAM   1978    EX   price : 10 euros

Produced by Randy's, 

Tuff Smart riding Leggo Violence ridim, backed by Revolutionaries...

Calman Scott   One Teacher, One Preacher / Version  

MML (MML 011)  USA   1978  EX-   price :  20 euros

Produced by Mikey March, 

fine horny roots produced in the Bronx...

Junior Reid   Shacka Lack / Version

Jammys  (DSR 3099)  JAM   1984   EX-   price :  15 euros

Produced by King Jammys,

tuff Hi-Times backing, mixed at Channel One by King Jammy...

original first issue with the early matrix number from 84...

Dennis Brown   Take It Easy / Version

Jammys  (DSR 660/661)  JAM   1998   EX   price :  7 euros

Produced by King Jammys,

late 90's stuff from outa Jammys over I Love King Selassie ridim...

Gregory Isaacs   John Public / Version

Hawk Eye  (HE 008)  UK   1978   EX-   price :  6 euros

Produced by T Doug & Gregory Isaacs,

UK pressing, with serious harmonies by the Heptones...

The Maytones Funny Man / Winston Wright Version Flight

Blank GG's (dyna AR 1142/1140)  JAM   1969  VG+    price :  22 euros

Produced by Alvin Ranglin, 

Maytones vocal beauty with boss instrumental glory on flip side...

Jah Baba   Collection Plate / Version

Prophet Records (VJackson 3)  JAM   1977   EX-   price : 20 euros

Produced by Vivian Jackson, 

DJ shot over Judgement Time ridim, with heavy dub mix from Tubby's...

Leroy Smart   Jah Forgive Them / Version  

Micron (DSR 2886)  JAM   1977    VG+ / VG.VG+   price :  10 euros

Produced by Bunny Lee, 

My conversation cover with Revolutionaries backing...


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