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Culture This Train / Version

High Note  (DSR 6586)  JAM   1979

EX- / VG+   price : 6 euros

Produced by Sonia Pottinger,

roots classic backed by Revolutionaries...


Prince Toney Jennie My Love / Version

Earthquake  (AS 3953)  JAM   1977

VG+ to EX- / EX-   price :  6 euros

Produced by Ossie Hibberts,

nice Channel One dub,

vocal has mastering hiss on the first 30 sec. then plays ok...


Linval Thompson   Danger In Your Eyes / Version

Thompson Sound (DSR 6411)  JAM   1977  VG.VG+   price : 8 euros

Produced by Linval Thompson, 

recut of the Paragons...

The Melodians Little Nut Tree / You Are My Only Love

Blank Gay Feet (FSP 7258)  JAM   1968   VG.VG+   price : 15 euros

Produced  by Sonia Pottinger, 

back to back rock steady selection, from Tip Top Center...

Jug Johnny & The Hailites Judy Come Back / Version

Micron   (MIC 2326)  JAM   1975    VG    price : 3 euros

Produced by a E.Gutzmer, 

sorry, nothing to say about jug johnny :(

Shorty The President  Jestering / Version

Micron  (FEMC 7365)  JAM   1975    VG+ to EX-   price : 6 euros

Produced by Enos McLeod, 

nice DJ version over carl malcolm's hit...

Winston Groovy - So Easy / Please Don't Make Me Cry

Explosion  (EX 2088)  UK  1974  EX-  price :  4 euros

Produced by Sydney Crooks,

mid 70's UK recording...

Pat Rhoden  Got To See You / Maybe The Next Time

Pama   (PM 811)  UK   1970   VG+ to EX- / VG+    price :  6 euros

Produced by Derrick Morgan, 

producer's tune with strings arrangements...

Johnny Clarke True Believer In Love / Version

Justice (BL 4767)  JAM   1974  

VG+ / VG (see description)    price : 5 euros

Produced by Bunny Lee,

backed by Aggrovators, slight skip on the version..

Time   Can You Hear My Heart / Version

Jam Rock (BA 2748)  JAM   1975  EX-    price : 6 euros

Produced by Organization, 

rare artist associated to Bob Andy and Pat Cooper's Sound Tracks...

U Roy & Slim Smith   Love I Bring / Version

Mego Ann  (FUR 7675)  JAM   1972   VG+ / VG.VG+   price : 15 euros

Produced by U Roy, 

killer DJ piece over ain't too proud to beg...

Bongo Herman   Carpound Drifter / Version

Harry Mudie (FHM 8220)  JAM   1974    EX-   price :  15 euros

Produced by Harry Mudie, 

great bongo version, with great version too...

Bim & Clover Sweet Heart / Version

Dawn (JC 2804)  JAM   1975    EX-    price : 3 euros

Produced by Chap Production,

mid 70's rarity with flying cymbal ridim...

Ethiopians Good Ambition / Version

Move & Groove  (dyna DH 3011)  JAM   1970   VG  price : 8 euros

Produced by Derrick Harriott, 

nice vocal, used but still here...

John Holt  Mother & Father Love / Version

Smash  (MFD DYNA BL 3956)  JAM   1971   EX- / VG+   price : 5 euros

Produced by Bunny Lee, 

early 70's striker production backed by Aggrovators...

Al Campbell  When The Grass Is Green / Where Were You

Sunshot   (PP 09)  UK   1974    EX-    price : 4 euros

Produced by Phil Pratt, 

quality reissue of two mid 70's titles, where were you was recorded at Black Ark studio...

Keith Poppin  Who Are You / Version

Sunshot   (PP 03)  UK   1976   EX-    price :  4 euros

Produced by Phil Pratt, 

quality reissue of mid 70's Sunshot stuff...

Nat Birchall . Don Fe & Rockers Disciples  Rise and Fall Side 1 / Rise and Fall Side 2

Rootical 45  (ROOT-701)  2023    MINT   price : 10 euros*


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