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David Isaacs   Time Marches On / Karl Bryan   Thunderstorm

Upset Blank (WIRL LA 4432/FLA 7569)  JAM   1968    

VG-   price :  15 euros

Produced by Lynford Anderson, 

rare skinhead beauty,

used but still alive !!


Big Youth   Streets In Africa / Version

Negusa Nagast (FMB 7703)  JAM   1973    

EX-   price :  22 euros

Produced by Big Youth, 

great combination,

Dennis Brown & Big Youth...

Lloyd Willacy   Far Beyond The Blue /

Big Youth   Things In The Light

Negusa Nagast (MB 2226/2228)  JAM   1975    

VG / VG-   price :  15 euros

Produced by Big Youth, 

hard tune often credited to leroy wallace,

but it is not the same artist...

b side is a dj lick over greg isaacs look before you leap...



The Bleechers   Adam & Eve / Send Me The Pillow

Columbia (Blue Beat) (DB 118)  UK   1970   EX   price :  50 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

great vocal double sider from perry's boss sounds period...

Leo Graham & Charlie Ace   Big Tongue Buster / Version

Upsetter  (LP 2492)  JAM   1976    VG   price : 3 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

DJ lick over Leo's Graham Black Candle...

The Gladiators   On True Girl / Version

Upsetter  (LP 5047)  JAM   1974    VG+ / VG.VG+   price : 25 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

rare Clinton Fearon title with the harmonies of the Gladiators...

Marcus Griffiths   Devil Woman / Version

Rising Star  (DSR AG 10580)  JAM   1975   VG.VG+   price : 15 euros

Produced by Albert Griffiths & Lee Perry, 

rare early Black Ark, by Albert Griffiths brother, Marcus....

Pablo Moses   I Man A Grasshopper / Version

Jigsaw  (ST 2040)  JAM   1975    EX   price : 25 euros

Produced by Lee Perry & Geoffrey Chung, 

deep tune recorded at Black Ark...

Upsetters   Enter the Dragon / Exit The Dragon

Black Art  (WB 1412)  JAM   1974    EX   price : 22 euros

Produced by Lee Perry & Winston Blake, 

classic perry/blake association, over Joy White's Lady Lady ridim...

Evans Jones   Four And Twenty Dreadlocks / Version

Upsetters  (LP 2051)  JAM   1976   EX-   price : 20 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

classic mid 70's title on upsetters...

Winston Jarrett  Spanish Town Road / Version

Write Sounds  (WTS 1002)  UK   1978    EX   price :  25 euros

Produced by Winston Jarrett & Gladstone Anderson, 

killer roots, nice UK label...

Eric Donaldson   Just Can't Happen This Way / Version

Jaguar  (DSR 4704)  JAM   1971   VG+ to EX-    price : 5 euros

Produced by Tommy Cowan & Bunny Lee, 

early 70's dynamic material...

Pat Kelly How Long / Try To Remember

Pama Blank  (FBL 7830)  JAM   1969   EX-    price : 15  euros

Produced by Bunny Lee, 

classic boss selection backed by Alva Lewis, Glen Adams,

Lloyd Charmers and the Barrett Brothers...

Toyan   Live Good / Version

Roots Tradition  (gardie)  JAM   1980    EX-   price :  25 euros

Produced by Don Mais, 

hard dj cover over you're no good ridim...

Big Youth   Town Without Pity / Version

Burke's  (DSR 3839)  USA   1975    EX-   price : 15 euros

Produced by C Moses, 

mid 70's DJ cut...

Prince Fari   Moses / Version

Micron  (Micron 2073 RRS)  JAM   1975    VG / VG.VG+   price : 7 euros

Produced by Michael Williams, 

one of his first titles...

Easton Clarke   Bike No License / Version

Micron  (FMM 7506)  JAM   1975    VG+/VG   price : 10 euros

Produced by Lee Perry & Mike Johnson

mid 70's tune from black ark...

Longford Graham   Sweet People / Version

Micron  (MIC 2141)  JAM   1975    VG+/VG.VG+   price : 18 euros

Produced by Langford Graham,

rare tune by this Winston Rodney imitator who only cut a few tunes during the mid 70's,

mainly at the Black Ark studio...

Lee Perry & Leonard Dillon   I'm A Dreadlocks / Version

Upsetter  (MIC 2202)  JAM   1975    VG+ / VG.VG+   price : 15 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

duet by Ethiopians lead singer and Lee Perry over 3 blind mice ridim...

Carlton & His Shoes  SocietyVersion

Quality  (MML 2813)  JAM  198?/9?  EX-   price :  7 euros

Produced by Carlton Manning, 

late 80's, or maybe early 90's vocal...

Leroy Horsemouth Wallace & Lloyd Denton   Di Nasty / Version

Pipper  (piper - di nasty)  JAM   1990    EX   price : 2 euros

Produced by T Mason, 

instrumental cover of a TV serie...

Leo Graham   Greedy Gal / Version

Blue Jay (FLG 792)  JAM   1974    VG+   price : 18 euros

Produced by Leo Graham, 

very rare early black ark, with nice version...

Winston Groovy   I Wanna Be Loved / Get Back Together

Bullet  (BU 471)   UK   1971   EX-   price :  6 euros

Produced by Winston Groovy, 

classic early 70's vocal...

Errol Dunkley  I'm Your Man / Version

Third World  (TW 011)  UK   1975   EX   price :  6 euros

Produced by Third World, 

classic flying cymbal aggrovators backing...


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