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New Records in : 2

Bob Marley  I Know A Place / Version

Ascension  (ANSI 01)  USA   1978/1999?   

EX-   price :  20 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

unreleased and unfinished material

from one of the last collaborations between scratch and bob in 1978...

released for the first time only 20 years later...

New in !!  

Bob Marley  Rastaman Live Up / Version

Tuff Gong  (FRM 6923)  JAM   1979  

EX-   price :  10 euros

Produced by Bob Marley & Lee Perry, 

original issue with finest harmonies by The Meditations...

New in !!


Leroy Sibbles   Now You're Gone / Version

Wackies  (wackies 100)   USA   1979    EX   price :  32 euros

Produced by Lloyd Barnes, 

strong roots from Bullawackie,, using same ridim as i love jah...

The Heptones   Love Without Felling / Version  

Jungle (FHM 7830)  JAM   1973   EX-   price :  20 euros

Produced by Harry Mudie, 

deep tune, finest harmonies...

The Upsetters   Live Injection / Ernest Wilson & Upsetters   Freedom train

Randy's  (FLP 7943)   USA    1969    VG+ to EX- / EX-   price : 28 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

strong boss sounds double sider...

Sticky & Upsetters I've Caught You / Upsetters  Return Of The Ugly

Upsetter Blank  (LP 567/Upsetter 717)  JAM  1969   VG+    price : 20 euros

Produced by Lee Perry,

original blank print, also issued in the UK on punch...

Bob Marley & The Wailers   Small Axe / All In One

Upsetter Blank  (GPW 12/US 357)  JAM  1971   VG+  price : 25 euros

Produced by Lee Perry,

legendary tune by marley with perry...


Little Roy Tribal War / Version

Tafari  (EL 5146)  JAM   1974     EX- / VG+   price :  12 euros

Produced by Munche Jackson & Earl Lowe, 

legendary title recorded at Black Ark...

Bob Marley & Wailers  Trenchtown Rock / Version

Tuff Gong  (DSR BM 4410)  JAM   1971   VG.VG+   price :  7 euros

Produced by Robert Marley, 

no credits, but stamped at wail n' soul m'...


Hands & Hearts Me Breda You Ago Feel It / Version

Hungry Town  (ED 301)  USA   1977    EX    price : 28 euros

Produced by Everton Da Silva & Lee Perry, 

rare vibes from the Black Ark, for collectors, perfect shape...

Junior Byles   Auntie Lulu / Version

Upsetter (PM 858)  JAM   1972    VG.VG+    price : 6 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

rarely seen with green label, great version on flip...


Bob Marley & Wailers Duppy Conqueror / Version

Upsetter  (FLP 3346)  JAM   1970    VG/VG-    price :  5 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

Wailers classic, original issue...


Bob Marley & Wailers Mr.Brown / Version

Upsetter  (GPW 5/6)  JAM   1971     VG+ / VG    price :  7 euros

Produced by Lee Perry, 

Wailers classic...

Dr.Alimantado  Gimmie Mi Gun / Version

Ital Sounds  (DR AL 3118)  JAM   1976   EX-    price :  40 euros

Produced by Dr Alimantado & Gregory Isaacs, 

wicked DJ lick over Gregory Isaacs Thief A Man...

The Meditations  Standing On The Corner / Version

Channel One  (Joe Joe 1312)  JAM   1978   EX   price :  30 euros

Produced by Joseph Hoo Kim, 

great roots from Channel One...

Rector Butler  I'll Never Be Lonely / Version

Blank Record City  (RB 2169/2170)  JAM   1972     EX- / VG+   price : 30 euros

Produced by Rector Butler, 

rare artist....

Big Youth   Streets In Africa / Version

Negusa Nagast (FMB 7703)  JAM   1973    EX-   price :  22 euros

Produced by Big Youth, 

great combination, Dennis Brown & Big Youth...


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